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Poppy Clock Table

It's been way too long since I've posted!!! I've been busy with another business venture I started and quite honestly, I stepped back from my furniture for awhile. But I'm now back in full swing and ready to share some pieces that I have created over the last months!

I decided to start with one of my FAVORITE pieces I've created {and actually, I somewhat regret letting this one go!}

This is how the piece was when I found it

I especially love the Duncan Phyfe style and those big brass feet!! I knew I could showcase that detailing on the legs and the round shape played into the faux clock idea.

I started by painting the whole piece in Wise Owl Antique Villa.

I chose poppies to adorn the top. I've been enjoying creating art with poppies even though they are very challenging with all of the detailing. I started my staining technique ...

I was very happy with the look and was nervous to go on to the next layer. I wanted to create an aged effect by adding a craqueleur. I have used this product before, but it had been quite awhile since I had used it, and I remembered that it wasn't the easiest product to use.

It's a three-step product by Polyvine

Instead of using the wax that Polyvine makes to go over the craqueleur to bring out the cracks, I used our Metallic Bronze glaze by Wise Owl.

I also had applied the Polyine topcoat to the base of the table and then applied the same bronze metallic glaze. The reason I used the Polyvine topcoat (other than the fact that is was handy ) is because it has a very runny texture and I have also found that it can create a more aged effect when using it before glaze. If I were going for a more pristine look, I wouldn't use this topcoat - it's very difficult to use on vertical surfaces.

Do you see the runs and drips? I certainly wouldn't want this look on most of my pieces, but for this piece, I didn't mind the effect, Especially after I added some more aging to the legs.

Now let's look at the top after the craqueling and glazing!

Now it was time to add the clock design. I added the design with my stain, but quickly realized that it would not be opaque enough.

See how you can see the flower through the hands of the clock? That wouldn't work. So I pulled out my Wise Owl Black paint and filled in the clock. I then added some stain on top of the paint to create a little more depth.

I also used some rub on waxes and more stain around the edges and in areas on the legs to give it more interest.

And here she is in all her glory!

I hope you enjoyed this project as much as I enjoyed creating it! It quickly sold and went to its' new home with a woman whom I know adores it!!!

I would love for you to follow along on my other social networks!!

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