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A QUICK frame makeover

Hi All! I have been making a series of Panel Art, which are 8x10 wood panels that I have been doing various types of artwork on. Some have raised relief, some have a faux stone finish, and of course my stained art is found on a lot of them. Here is a sampling of some of them.

To see more information and pictures, you can check out my Etsy Shop.

I needed a way to display them since my booth space doesn't have a lot of wall space on which to hang them. While I was in Florida this summer, I found a nice empty frame that was sitting outside accumulating a lot of DIRT!

You can see more pictures and read about how I gave this dated Wall panel a facelift here!

After the paint, and before the glaze, I used Wise Owl Varnish in our new SATIN finish to seal in the paint.

I needed a thin backing to fit into the frame, so I went to Home Depot and had them cut me a piece of thin sanded birch. I was happy to know they will do the cutting for free. Once I got it home, I had to do a little fine sanding to get it to fit perfectly. I decided to use Wise Owl Weathervane, and sealed it all with the varnish

I think it turned out pretty well for my panel art series.

I have a second frame very similar that I will be doing something similar. But maybe I will do a white base with dark glaze. I'll keep ya posted!!

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