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Adding Biz page to your Profile (FB)

This will be a quick tutorial on how to link your biz page to your Personal Profile.

We don't ever want to miss out on that potential customer! So, let's say you post something that shows up in someone's feed and they think "OH, I want to see more of that person's work", so they click on your name, but NO BUSINESS INFO ...

The ultimate goal is for when someone hovers over your name (on desktop), your business name is right there for them to click on without having to go hunt.

I work mostly on desktop, but I believe on mobile, they will still have to click on your name and go to your profile to find your business. Regardless of whether it is desktop or mobile, you STILL want to have your business name linked to your personal profile.

At any rate, You want to go to your personal page, go to the about section, and then work section. click Add Workplace

Then you will start typing in your business name in the Company box. Your business name SHOULD pop up.

If it doesn't pop up...

Go to your biz page, About section, scroll to the bottom to find PAGE ID

Copy those numbers, go back to your personal page and paste those numbers in the Company box and your business name should then pop up in that box.

TRY those steps and see if it works!

If this doesn't work, there is another step you can take. You can check out this YouTube video. It seems scary, but it does work!!

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