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Glamorous French Provinicial Buffet

This piece was so extraordinarily fun to do! I got this buffet with a whole set including a china cabinet and dining room table and chairs.

I love the French Provincial style and I am using the unfinished china cabinet to display my Wise Owl paints in my booth. I wanted some extra space for all of the many products we (Wise Owl Chalk Synthesis Paint) offer for the DIY painter (including waxes, glazes, oils, salve and topcoat), so I decided to start with the buffet and then bring the china cabinet home to paint it.

I am always indecisive when it comes to picking out colors for a piece because there are so many lovely colors to choose from, but I finally came up with this color pallette: Limestone, Smokey Quartz and a pop of Robin's Egg.

I also decided to try Modern Masters Metallic paint in Warm Silver

You can check out the Modern Masters paints here!

After a lot of prepping, cleaning, sanding, cleaning, I started by painting the whole piece in Wise owl Limestone. It took a couple of coats to cover the way I wanted. I added the Smokey Quartz to the sides and outside areas of the drawers. I added the Warm Silver to the skirts and highlighted areas and finished off with Robins Egg on the inside, behind the doors, and the sides of the drawers.

Next up was our Bronze Metallic Glaze.

I applied the glaze to the whole piece and wiped off as I went. I even went over the metallic paint. The glaze did take away from the beautiful shimmer of the metallic paint, but it was cohesive with the rest of the piece.

I sealed it all up and cleaned up the hardware - I wasn't expecting the hardware to clean up as well as it did. But they turned out beautifully and pulled the look all together!

It was now ready to be posted for sale and move to my new booth.

And here's where the change in plans came in...

Remember I was planning on taking this to my booth to display my Wise Owl products, well.... I had a buyer within hours of posting it on TASH (The Artisan-Styled Home)! So, it is now sitting pretty in its new home! I expect to paint the china cabinet within the next couple of months. I'm not sure if I will use the same color pallette or not. What do you think? I would love to hear your feedback on this!

As always, I thank you for following along with me and would love for you to take a look at my other social networks!

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