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Holiday Craft YOU can do!

I want to share with you a magnificent Christmas decor item that has HUGE impact yet can be done with just some time and patience.

I found this full size old wood panel door at a really great price and snatched it up.

I cleaned up the door and added various stains and paint washes onto the door, with the main colors being grey and gold. This was just kind of "slapped" on without any real plan. I also left some of the original wood show through.

I then figured out where I wanted to put the urn. I transferred the image of the urn onto the door using transfer paper. You could also possibly use a stencil. After I transferred the image, I painted it in using sharpie paint pens.

Now to figure out how to keep the bulbs that I would be glueing on in a straight path...

First, I placed a star that lights up on top of the door. I then used that screw and I temporarily screwed in two screws on the top of the corner of each side of the top of the urn. I ran string around each screw.

I hope this will explain it well:

Once the string was in place, I started just glueing the bulbs onto the door. I used my glue gun and hot glue sticks. In hindsight, I might try to use a different adhesive. Over time, some of the bulbs came off (mostly from being bumped when moving). I'm not sure if E6000 glue would be a better option or not. At any rate, it is easily fixable to add the bulbs back on. I focused the biggest bulbs at the bottom, but other than that first base of large bulbs, the rest was all a random pattern.

Finally, I removed the string, and added a pretty {yet rustic} doorknob to the area where the original hardware had been.

People have asked me what I did with this after it was done... I used it in the storefront window. However, this project could be done on a much smaller scale and hung on a wall or propped in a corner. If you could find an old pantry or cupboard door, that would be the perfect size.

But wouldn't this be magnificent to change out your front door for the season with one of these that would actually fit your door space?? I don't know... you'd have to be careful not to bump into it very much when going in and out... But it' would be fun to try!!

I would love to see any interpretations you come up with!!

Please follow along with my other adventures!


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