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Stained Fainting Couch Artwork

I recently finished a piece of artwork of a Hand Stained Vintage Chair and wanted to do a companion! The first wall hanging was on the larger size and wanted to do something a little smaller.

I had an extra wood panel that I painted in Wise Owl Paints. I first used Limestone for the base and then used Peppercorn to hand paint the damask pattern.

For the chaise/ fainting couch artwork, I used layers of an oil-based ebony stain.

For the final touch, I used Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Black Wax Stick and rubbed on some stain around the edges. Finished this one off with Wise Owl Sweet Orange Clear Wax Stick.

These wax sticks are quite handy AND have essential oils to create these wonderful aromas!! You must give them a try!

This piece measures 20" x 16" and 2" depth.

Because I seem to have an obsession with these, look for more in the future.

For now, I am focusing my time on working on custom orders and preparing to get my booth ready for the Grand Opening on April 1st! I will be in the new boutique known as Love, Me Antiques and Consignment Boutique, located at 309-13th Street in downtown Franklin, PA! I hope to see some of you at the new boutique!!

I'll leave you with a cute little photo....

My baby girl enjoying the new Gratuitous Grapefruit Candle

Wise Owl is now making some fabulous candles! The line of candles is called The Improper Apothecary, but produced by Wise Owl. They come in 6 rich scents: Adriatic Fig, Gratuitous Grapefruit, Black Sea, Noir Moon, Riotous Rain and Tobacco Flower,These soy candles are free of any palm oil or palm wax and include only sustainably sourced ingredients. These scents are rich and unique without being over the top or overly powerful. All artwork is original by Erin Derry. To find more about these candles, you can check them out here!

As always, I would love for you to connect with me socially!

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