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Hammered Copper!

This is one of my favorite pieces I have finished to date! And I'm so excited to share it with you!!

I love hammered copper! A friend of mine put in a new bar with a hammered copper sink and it is just gorgeous! It gave me the inspiration to create a finish that resembled that look!

I have been following a professional furniture artist who has been painting faux finishes for over 30 years and she has developed these unique rollers which can be used on furniture, walls, decor, even fabric! So, I FINALLY purchased one of these rollers to try to create the finish I had in my head.

But I am getting ahead of myself with all of this excitement..

About a year ago, I came across this very unique dining table but hadn't decided what I was going to do with it. Now, I had a vision!

Aren't those legs so unique!!

After all of the prep work of cleaning, sanding, cleaning... I decided to start with the base and I applied two coats of Wise Owl Glacial, followed by washes of Wise Owl Gray Linen and Espresso.

To tie in the base with what would be the top, I used our Metallic Copper Glaze! (Ohhhhh, I LOVE this glaze!!)

While I was working on the base, I painted the top in Wise Owl Espresso. Due to the graining on the table, this took a few coats for the coverage I wanted. For a smooth finish, I used my Cling On! Brush! These brushes are the best, leaving the finish nearly brushstroke free! They come in a multitude of styles and sizes.

The Espresso has a lot of gray in it, rather than a chocolate brown.

Now, it was time to use that lovely copper glaze again. I applied a couple of coats of this, leaving the copper heavier around the edges

Doesn't that look awesome??!!! But I wasn't done yet...

Now it was time to pull out my roller from Artistic Painting Studio. I used several of our Wise Owl Glazes ~ Metallic Copper, Metallic Bronze, and Metallic Rose Gold!

I LOVE our metallic glazes so much! Such unique colors and great pigment!!

I sealed it with a few coats of General Finishes High Performance Topcoat

and it is ready to find its' new home!!

I am really excited about how this one turned out, and that I was able to achieve the finish I was hoping for! NAILED IT!

This dining table IS available for purchase! It measures 48" across and has 8 sides. If I had room for another dining table in my house, I would be keeping THIS ONE for sure!! I AM sure that I will be recreating this finish on another piece in the future when I find the right piece!

Are you intrigued by these decorative rollers? I am considering becoming a retailer for these in the near future. Stay tuned....

As always, I thank you for following along and would love for you to take a moment and check out my other social networks!

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