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New Stained Top for Ethan Allen Pedestal

My parents recently down-sized, which brought on a mix of emotions for me. However, there was a little benefit for me... I was offered some of their furniture pieces, and this pedestal beauty was one of them. It was in near pristine condition, but I wanted to add a little embellishment to the top.

I stripped and sanded the top and got started on a rose.

To finish it off, I used several layers of stain around the outside of the rose to match the base. I used a quality, water-based polyacrylic in satin to seal.

For the base, all I had to do was use our Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve to clean up and revive the wood.

This Furniture Salve has so many uses - this stuff is AH-MAZING!!! It can be used to give new life to old wood. It not only beautifies the wood, but is also a sealer! The perfect alternative to furniture polish! You could use it on your leather shoes or handbags as a cleaner. Removes oxidation from old hardware. You can even use it as a nail treatment!! The uses are endless! And the aroma is FANTASTIC!! You can purchase it here.

This is what the wood looks like after the Furniture Salve treatment!

Pretty amazing stuff, right?!

And here is the finished piece

She stands tall at 38 1/2" and is 12" wide. This is available for purchase for $225.

But there are plenty of other pieces to choose from. It's easy to enter! Head over to The Artisan-Styled Home on Facebook for all of the details!!

As always, I thank you for following along with me and would love for you to follow my social networks as well!

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