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Restoration Hardware- Inspired Table

I recently made the decision to take the plunge and get a space in a local boutique that will be opening April 1. And for those of you who are local to Franklin, PA, the name of the boutique is Love, Me Antiques and Consignment Boutique. At any rate, I needed to paint a table to hold my paint supplies that I will be selling.

I had this one amongst my unfinished pieces and I had no chairs to match, so I thought it would make the perfect piece - not too big, but large enough to hold my displays.

I had been debating on what colors to use on it for so long. That's one of the problems when you become a retailer for Wise Owl Paints - you have all of the colors at your fingertips and there are so many beautiful hues to choose from!

FINALLY, I decided to go with a gray washed look. After doing all of the prep work on the table {sanding, cleaning, cleaning some more...} I started with Wise Owl Limestone

I used the Limestone full strength and brushed it on and wiped back off to reveal some of the oak.

The next layer, I used a wash of Gray Linen.

This time, I made a wash by watering down the Gray Linen about half/half {I didn't measure}. And I used the same technique of brushing it on and wiping back off.

For the final layer, I used a wash of Smokey Quartz, with the same technique of watering down, brushing on, wiping back off.

I used my Polyvine to seal the top. Since this is for a dining room table, I used a coat of satin first and then two coats of dead flat.

Now, I had to decide on that base. Again, too many options!! BUT while I was in the middle of painting the top, a friend of mine asked me about it and told me she may be interested in purchasing it. She had mentioned a green color - which would be wonderful because Wise Owl has so many pretty greens. So, I told her I was thinking of using Peppercorn, but if she really wanted it we could pick a green instead. {either way we went, a green or a gray would work with the top}

She said to go ahead with the Peppercorn.

{my baby girl helping out}

Once it was painted, I sealed it with Polyvine Dead Flat. I thought maybe it needed some glaze or wax to give it some depth. I didn't have any of the Wise Owl Black Glaze on hand, so I decided to go with the black wax. Here's a tip for using black wax.. if you use a clear wax first, you will be able to remove some of the black wax if you get too much. So, I pulled out my Heirloom Traditions new liquid clear wax. Wow, I have to say, I was impressed! It went on nicely, you don't have to buff it, and there is no wait time.

After the liquid wax dried, I used my Wise Owl Hemp Oil Black Wax and buffed it really well. I didn't use a lot, just enough to give the Peppercorn some depth.

And here she is ready to go to her new home - which means..... I have another table to paint for my space in the boutique!!

If you are interested in purchasing Wise Owl Paints or finishes, please check out my Etsy shop!

As always, I would love for you to connect with me "socially"

Right now I am working on several different projects... so stay tuned!!

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