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Available in:

R series {Round}

F series {Flat}

O series {Oval}

P series {Angled}

S series {Shorty}

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Cling On Brush sizes
Cling On Round Brushes


R12 XS round
Diameter 1”
Bristle Length 2”

R14 Small Round
Diameter .75”
Bristle length 2.25”
Handle 6.5”



R16 Medium Round
Diameter 1”
Bristle length 2.5”
Handle 7”

R18 Large Round
Diameter 1.25”
Bristle length 2.75”
Handle 7.25”

R20 XL round
Diameter 1.5”
Bristle Length 2.75”
Handle 7.5”

Cling On Flat Brushes


F30 Small flat
1” diameter
Bristle Length 2.25”
Handle 6.5



F50 Large Flat
Diameter 2”
Bristle length 2.75”
Handle 7.25”

F40 Medium Flat
Diameter 1.5”
Bristle length 2.5”
Handle 6.75”

Cling On Oval Brushes


O35 Small Oval
Diameter 1.4”
Bristle length 2.75
Handle 10.5”


045 Large Oval
Diameter 1.75”
Bristle length 3”
Handle 7.5”

s50 and nessie.jpg

Shorty S50

Cling On Angled Brushes


P16 Small Angled
Diameter .6” diameter
Bristle length 1.75
Handle 9.5”



P24 Large Angled
1” diameter
Bristle length 2.25
Handle 9.5”

P20 Medium Angled
.75” diameter
Bristle length 1.75”
Handle 9.75

Cling On Block Brushes

Poly Brush



Wise Owl Paints and Finishes
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