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Hand Stained Calla Lily Coffee Table

I acquired this Queen Anne~style coffee table. Although I personally love this style, this piece was in need of some help, as the top had some scratches in the highly polished finish. And of course, I looked at it and saw a spectacular canvas for one of my stained designs.

I stripped and sanded the top but couldn't get down to bare wood because it is a veneer. I knew this was going to be a much more subtle design than my usual stained art pieces.

I decided on Calla Lilies, created a design, and got started on my staining technique.

At this point it is just a matter of layering stain to get the depth and dimension needed to make the lilies pop!

It's almost a translucent effect, so the beautiful grain can shine through the design!

I painted the base with Velvet Finishes Rococo, which is a cream. These paints are so wonderful! Easy to use, self-leveling, and OH!.. that finish! LOVE EM!

The table was sealed with a quality, durable top coat. {many, many coats}

Calla Lilies are one of my favorite flowers, so this piece was a joy to do. I hope you like the finished result as much as I do!

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