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How to make your own Apothecary Cubby

I have this old apothecary cabinet that I inherited from my grandmother.

I LOVE this piece and will never part with it; however, I do want to use my Wise Owl Hemp Seed Oil to give the wood some new life. At any rate, this piece gave me some inspiration for this little piece I transformed.

I found this cubby cabinet in a very raw state.

I think I found this at Ikea, but I'm sure there are similar ones at Michael's or Hobby Lobby. I sanded it all down to make it smooth and painted the outside of the cabinet and the small pieces between the drawers with Wise Owl Black. I was able to cover it all with one coat and then sealed with Polyvine Dead Flat wax varnish.

For the drawers, I used a prestain since I knew this would wouldn't cover very evenly with the stain.

I used Minwax Jacobean on all sides of the drawers ~ on the insides too. I applied it and let it sit for just a little bit and wiped the excess off.

I found the drawer pulls on D.Lawless Hardware. They have different options in finish, but I went with the black to stick with my industrial feel. Because the wood is so thin, I couldn't use screws to attach, so I used some epoxy my husband brought home from his work. You could also use E6000. I added a little piece of laminated burlap for the tag and that's it!! Easy Peazy!!

Thanks for looking - now, go be creative!! :)

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