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Queen Ann Magnolia Stained Tables

When I came across this pair of end tables, I was loving the design and curves. I wanted to create something feminine by using my Velvet Finishes paints and, of course, my MinWax Ebony stain.

I found a couple of complimentary images of magnolias that I loved and thought I might be able to pull it off.

Here's a quick "after" shot

Here is how they started out - this was taken in the midst of my sanding and stripping.

About halfway through, I really wished I had just painted over the finish that was already there. Especially since Velvet Finishes paints can handle that! They are a no strip, no sand paint that works fabulously. But for some reason, I thought I better strip them. MISTAKE!

I don't know WHAT kind of finish was on these pieces, but it sure didn't want to give way to the vision I had in mind. FINALLY they were all cleaned up.

I painted them with VF Rococo (cream) on the top and VF Cosmopolitan (a very nice and subtle mint hue) for the bottom.

FINALLY... time for the FUN!

I transferred my images to the tops and got started with the first table

Now, it was time for the shading to bring it to life

Table 1 done, now let's get going on Table 2

Since the lighting is so terrible, I decided to take them outside so you can get the real idea of the color

I hope you enjoyed the making of these pretty little girls.

Remember to check out Velvet Finishes paints ~ you will love em!

Stay tuned for more pretties to come! (Actually, I think the next thing is going to be a bit on the masculine side!)



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