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Hand stained & painted Baseball Table

I have been wanting to do a red piece but haven't found the right "idea", so I decided to go with America's favorite - BASEBALL!

I had this solid oak end table that was very plain but very substantial.

I started with the base of the table and painted it with my NEW Wise Owl paints in Antique Red. I also wanted to use my black wax to add an aged effect. I used it darker on the bottom and top and left the middle lighter with the wax.

{Waxing tip: Use clear wax first before you use your darker wax so that if you get too much dark, you can got back over with the clear wax to remove some of the dark. Also, be sure to buff the wax good so there is no sticky feel to it.}

For the top, I used MinWax oil-based stain in Jacobean - a very dark brown. I first tried to apply it and wipe it back, but it wasn't darkening as much as I wanted. So I applied the stain and let it cure for nearly a week.

Once it was cured, I use a combination of Wise Owl paints in Limestone and Antique Villa for the base layer of the baseball. When that was dry, it was time to start on my staining technique. I used General Finishes Merlot dye and Minwax Ebony stain.

I added some more shading and got him staged.

I sealed the top with Wise Owl Lemon Verbena Furniture Salve. This is an amazing product that takes about 2 weeks to 30 days to cure, but leaves the furniture conditioned, water resistant and smelling devine!!

Here is some information on this amazing product:

This is a magical furniture "ointment" designed to richen, beautify and protect both raw and finished wood. It has a high hemp content and will easily apply to surfaces using a lint free cloth. It will also removes oxidation from metal and will rejuvenate leather. Yes you can use it on your boots too! It provides protection against water and may be used in place of furniture polish as well. You may use it in place of hemp wax over paint for a softer great smelling alternative!

Next time, I will show you a magnificent piece that I restored using this product!!

As always, I would love for you to follow along with me socially!

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