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Mixed Media Damask Rose Table

I love everything Damask! And I LOVE all ball and claw foot furniture! And I LOVE pearls, corbels, old stone walls, the graceful curves of traditional Queen Anne furniture ... I think I am an old soul at heart.

I've been wanting to use damask in my stained art pieces, but haven't been able to come up with a way to incorporate it until recently. I did a small piece for a family friend who had lost their child. I used damask and added angel wings with their child's name at the bottom.

This gave me inspiration for my next piece, which by the way has BALL&CLAW feet! YAY!

I started with the base of the table. I applied a coat of Heirloom Traditions Rainy Day chalk paint - a nice grey. This picture is after one coat, I actually did two coats.

Then one coat of a beautiful seafoam-hued mineral paint - Inglenook by Fusion Paints. I then did some wet distressing, which is rubbing off the 2nd coat with a wet rag to reveal the first layer.

I added some German Silver Gilding paste to the areas that were distressed or right near the distressed areas.

Next I applied a coat of Annie Sloan clear wax and then Wise Owl Black wax. The black wax was applied only to the areas that have detail. I wanted the black to get into the crevices of the details which would make them stand out more.

When using dark or black wax, you first want to use your clear wax. This is a barrier to the chalk paint, otherwise your chalk paint will soak in that black wax and you won't be able to pull it back off. I applied the black wax heavy and then wiped back off, being sure not to wipe off in the crevices of the detail. If you still have too much black wax or you get it in an area you don't want, you can use the clear wax as an eraser and just rub the clear over the black that you don't want and it will come back off.

I realize that when I did the black wax, it covered a lot of the gilding paste. I will most likely go back over some of those areas with the paste at the end.

Now for the top. I used Velvet Finishes' Roccoco - a nice creamy color. I think I used 3 coats. And then I was able to get started with my Damask!

I used grey stain for the smaller damask and ebony stain for the larger.

Looks pretty, huh? I wasn't exact on this because I knew I was going to cover it up. WHAT?! COVER IT UP?!! Well, I had to wash it out so that the next layer would show up. My vision is to have the damask in the background - seen, but not the focal point.

Let's take a look at the table as is {just incase I screw this up with the next step}

LOOK AT THOSE LEGS!!! Let's take a closer look...

AHHHHHH, so MAJESTIC... STATUESQUE... DIGNIFIED.... STATELY ... DISTINGUISHED .... GRAND... SUMPTUOUS! OK, I digress... Back to the top of the table...

For the Angel Wings, I had used a paint wash - watered down paint, brushed on and wiped off. But I wanted this to have a linen look, a fabric look to it. So I used a cross hatch method. I watered down the paint and used a wide flat brush, brushed it on and dragged it in one direction. After that dried, I did the same thing but going in the opposite direction. I had originally thought I would use a whiter color for this step but decided to just use the same color.

I did this 4 or 5 times until I got it the right amount of translucency.

And here's a look at the table at this point

It was a shame to cover up that damask, but let's move on...

I decided on a rose for this table, and got started on the staining.

I waited for the first layer of stain to dry and then went back in for more detailing.

I could go on and on with the detailing, but at some point ya just have to PUT.THE.BRUSH.DOWN!!

I added some Shabby Paints Black ReVax to the lip of the top of the table to make the top and bottom cohesive. I then sealed it off with a coat of clear wax and buffing.

This one has my heart! I love all of the elements that play together to make a gorgeous statement piece! She is ready to find her forever home!

Thank you for following along! I know there were a LOT of pictures to this post, but there were a LOT of elements and layers! I wanted to show all of the details!

Take a moment and head over to my website to see many other stain painted furniture art! You can also find me on Facebook, Hometalk, Instagram, Pinterest, and Etsy!!

See you soon...



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