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Not your ordinary Library Table PART 2

Well, I FINALLY finished my Dogwood Library Table. Wow, this piece has had me so indecisive from day one!

For those who haven't read part one, you can find it here. When I left for vacation, I had finished the top design and was still trying to decide on the base - what color stain? Should the drawers be the same color? Or should I paint?

Here's a quick recap of what I had done at this point:

I spent the next 10 days enjoying my family and trying to decide what I would do to the base of this table when I got home. I finally decided I would make the drawers match the base.

So I went ahead and stripped the drawers and stained them; however, the drawers did not take the stain the same, so they were looking different from each other. After a couple of different staining and stripping, I finally got it to where I wanted it (OR.SO.I.THOUGHT!)

At this point, the "skirting" behind the drawers matches the color of the top, and the I had gotten the drawers to match as well as I thought I could to the base.


I JUST WASN'T LOVING IT! So, I asked for some advice from my Hometalk folks. I got a lot of different ideas, most were saying to finish it, it looked good. Some said to paint the base black. I do not have an aversion to painting wood furniture; however, it truly isn't my first choice. BUT, my mind started thinking again about my Velvet Finishes paints.

AND I COULDN'T BE HAPPIER with the end result!!

{my little girlie is going to check it out and give her approval}

I have to say, I'm actually happy to be finished with this dear table - I've had a love/ hate relationship with it! But now, it's ALL LOVE!

No time to waste... I'm already on to the next tables - a pair of Queen Ann style end tables! These are going to be very feminine! Stay tuned.....

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