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Tile calendars, dry erase calendars... What are these?

People have asked me what exactly these are. I make these out of various types of tiles, natural stone, ceramic, marble, onyx, and glass. They are reusable each month as long as you use dry erase markers on them. I typically use Windex on these to clean them off each month and start new.

This is the process of the design and making of these calendars...

First, I start with picking out the differnt tiles that look good together.

After receiving the choice from the client, the "work" begins. I assemble the tiles how I want them and cut the surround tiles with my Rigid wet tile saw to fit. They are then mounted on backerboard and grouted with a coordinating grout.

I coat them with a sealer and finally paint the back and add D-rings for hanging.

And there you have it! The calendar inside tiles sizes are 2x2, and the finished product typically ends up being approximately 15" high by 18" wide.

They do weigh approximately 10 lbs, so I advise using an anchor when hanging on the wall. Alternately, you could use an easel and keep on the counter or table or desk. These are great for kitchen area for a family command center so all know the happenings of the month!

These are two I am working on now for orders.. what do you think?

The first one is made of hand painted glass tiles for the top and surround. The inner tiles are a tranquil blue-green glass. Just needs some grout and it will be ready to go!

This one is made of silver glass tiles in the center with a silver & brown glass surround and putty colored glass top tiles.

Here are these two that I just finished:

And here is a taste of some other designs...

If you have any interest in purchasing one of these for yourself or for a gift, you can email me at or you can find me on Etsy or my website

Let me know what you think of these calendars.

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