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Unique Art using Stain

I make  what I call X ray Stained Art. I typically do these art pieces on repurposed slate tiles.  I also typically use Ebony stain; however, I have recently added colored stains and also canvas.  There is no paint on these pieces ~ I only use stain (with the exception of the canvas Lily, which I did paint the canvas first.

Xray Iris stained on slate tile, logo
canvas calla x ray stained art, logo
Dogwood xray art on slate tile, logo
hibiscus x ray stained art, logo
Calla Lilly X ray art on slate tile, logo
purple flower final x ray art
iris xray art, logo
staged xray art, logo
staged seashells, logo
6 seashell x ray stain art
x ray seashells, logo
4seashell x ray art
daffodil x ray stain art, logo 2
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