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I make tile, stone, marble, etc. calendars that are totally reusable as long as you use dry erase markers.  Just fill in the month at the top and the dates on the inside part of the calendar. The backs are finished with paint and 2 D-rings for hanging. These are rather heavy - usually over 10 lbs, so it is best to use an anchor when hanging on the wall.  Alternatively,  you can use an easel for table top or counter top.  These are all hand picked and designed , mounted on plywood, grouted and sealed with stone sealer. If you do not see a color scheme that fits your decor,  I can always find something specifically for you!

calendar17 gray glass tile1a
calendar16 marble glass1a
calendar15 iridescent blue tile1
calendar14blueglass1 1
calendar12shineycopperglass5 1
Calendar11, glass tiles in silver and brown, finished (2)
calendar13 red glass tiles1
marble and stone tile calendar
ceramic and natural stone tile calendar
Calendar8, amber glass tile, slate, dry erase
Calendar1 ceramic tile and stone dry erase calendar
Calendar3, marble and stone calendar, dry erase
Calendar4 (2)
Calendar7 (2)
Calendar10, tile and slate dry erase calendar_edited
Calendar9, tile and slate dry erase calendar_edited
Calendar5, dry erase, glass tile, stone_edited
Calendar6, tile, slate surround, dry erase_edited
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