Prepping for Mary

October 10, 2017

This is a post for Mary on how to prepare her buffet for paint.




1. Clean!  Even if you are meticulous about cleaning, you will still need to clean your buffet.  Especially if you used Pledge or the like on it.  I like to use Totally Awesome cleaner.  This is very strong stuff, so be careful when spraying it that you don't inhale.




After you have cleaned it, you will have to sand it.  I would use a medium grit sanding pad.

 You can also get these at Home Depot or Lowe's.


What you are going to do is sand the whole surface.  You aren't trying to totally sand your piece, you just need to scuff the surface really well to give it some "tooth" for the paints to adhere.


Once you have sanded it, use a LINT FREE cloth dampened or a tack cloth to get all of that dust off of it.



Again, you can get these at Home Depot or Lowe's as well.


  Then, I rinse the whole thing with a mix of white vinegar and water!


Now, let the buffet dry good.


Now, you are going to want to seal that wood GOOD (ALL OVER) so the tannins don't come through.  I offer a superb stain-blocking primer.  Its available in white or clear.  Not only is this good for blocking stains, but it also helps for bonding. You will want to paint two coats of this. Wait at least 4 hours between coats and then wait at least 8 hours after your second coat before you start painting.




{If you are not painting white or a light color, you can probably skip the shellac}






I would suggest you get a Cling On! brush to keep the surface smooth like we talked about.  My go to brush is the F40, but for the topcoat, you will definitely want the F50 or our B10 block brush.  Once you get finished with the brushes, you want to clean them out right away to keep them nice.  These are fabulous brushes, but a little costly so you want to take care of them.  I use dawn dish soap.  I also store them suspended in water.  Here's a picture of how I store them.






You want them suspended without touching the bottom.  Also, if you leave them like this for awhile, the paint will slip right off of them, so clean up is easy.





Prices for the Fseries brushes are: $22, $25, and $28


 (a quart of the paint is $35)




It's probably going to take 3 coats of paint at least to get full coverage.  (I would go with a quart)


If you start to see any bleed through (any pink spots or yellow spots) , do another coat of shellac, then keep going with the paint.  However,  you typically won't know if you are going to have issues with bleed through until  you put your top coat on the paint.


I would wait 8 hrs between coats of paint.  Then wait a full 24 hours before y ou put your topcoat on.




I recommend our Varnish.  I tend to use a satin finish, but the matte is really popular right now. 



 ( a pint of the varnish is $26, a quart is $36 - I think a pint should be fine)




When you apply the topcoat, go in long smooth strokes and DON"T overwork it.  get it on there and walk away, don't keep going back over it.  But, DO look for drips along the edges before you walk away.



After your topcoat is dry, it's time to glaze.  Glaze can be a little tricky to get the feel for it and not have it end up streaky.  Also, you will want to wear some gloves.  you'll need a chip brush (I can throw some in with your order - just remind me - they are only $2).  So you will work in sections and you will kind of work a little on the fast side.  You will want to have your blue shop towels handy and a spray bottle of water.  You might also want to have some baby wipes handy.  We are going to use the Mortar Glaze


The glazes are $25-26


I'll do another post with how to apply the glaze.  This will get you started.  Let me know what questions you have.  









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