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Goodies from Florida!

A few weeks ago, I was able to make a road trip with my hubby and my pup down to Florida to see my "boys" and my parents and grandmother!

The better half of M&M and our little Kendal Jackson on our 19 hour drive down.

While I was there, I spent an afternoon with my sons visiting a couple of antique malls (THEIR suggestion! Yay!).

My boys hate when I point the camera at them so not the best pics of my babies.

The first one we went to was a GREAT idea, but a flop in their execution. It was a series of little tiny houses, all offering their special wares (some better than others). But the place had not been kept up and there really wasn't much to see but dirty old things. NOT what I was looking for!

THEN we went to the other extreme! The second place had pristine antiques. It was a HUGE antique mall and we were able to see gorgeous pieces, albeit nothing I could afford. BUT I was lucky enough to spot a desk at a reasonable price that had minor wear and I thought I could fix it up nicely!

Also before I got there, my parents were in charge of a big sale they were having in their development and my mother snagged some nice tables for me.

I also got some other goodies to bring home! We had taken a van load of furniture down to them, and I came home with another van full! YAY!

So, I started with one of the smaller tables. I wanted to use our new

which is a pretty bold and bright color and TOTALLY out of my norm! I decided I would try it on one of the smaller tables.

So take a look at this!


Fear not, I had plans to tone it down!

Much better, right? Now I had to decide whether to leave as is or add some embellishment to the top.

I took a vote on my Facebook page and most of my followers said I should add the Mandala image that I was thinking of. The deciding factor was my son's vote - he said YES, definitely add the Mandala.

But I didn't want to stencil it on, so I did it by hand using stain.

I'm so happy with the way it turned out! And I even LOVE the color!!

More things to come... I'm playing with the new Spring colors from Wise Owl. You will be seeing these colors in the pieces I am finishing up on.

And then... I get to tackle this china cabinet to match the buffet I just recently finished for a customer.

As always, thank you for following along with me. I would love for you to check out my social networks!

Before I go, please take a moment to visit The Artisan Styled Home on Facebook or our Website! We have some fabulous artisans there and you will LOVE the pieces these ladies and men create!!

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