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White Washed Entry Console

I have a FANTASTIC giveaway to share with you! But first, I wanted to share a little entry console I finished for a customer.

I have done a few pieces for this customer, and she was looking for a very uniquely-sized piece of furniture for a specific area in her new home. This piece kind of fell into my lap and the dimensions were perfect.

We loved the detailing on this piece and thought it could be dramatic with some white glazing.

I painted the base coat in Wise Owl Foothills

Then, I did a wash of Wise Owl Gray Linen over that.

Before using the Wise Owl White Glaze, I put a coat of Polyvine on it to seal in the chalk paint.

This is what it looked like with the first applications of glazing

The customer wanted a much more dramatic effect, with the white raised detailing being more white. So, I applied some more white glaze in certain areas and also used a wash of Wise Owl Snow Owl with an artist's brush.

And she is THRILLED with the finish!

I got so many comments of people loving the finish, I decided to repaint some candlesticks I have.

{A funny little side note on these candlesticks. I got these from my mom, and I know she paid top dollar for them at a designer boutique in Florida. When I went to clean them off, the finish that was on there slid RIGHT OFF, with no muscle at all. Lesson for all of you looking to buy refinished furniture - make sure you are getting top quality finishes and buying from a reputable seller. I know you would think these would have been finished correctly when she purchased these from an "upscale" boutique, but the last thing you want is to go to clean your refinished piece of furniture and have the finish lift off of it! Having said that, it is always recommended to use water and a microfiber cloth to clean your furniture!}

I would love if you would take a moment and check out The Artisan Styled Home on Facebook! We are a group of furniture artists, and this is where we showcase and sell our pieces. You can also check out our website at

Here are a couple of new collages so you can see how talented these girls (and guy) are!!

As always, I would love for you to follow along with me socially!!

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