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Revamped TV Tables for the Sports Enthusiast

These HEAVY DUTY {they weigh 60 lbs!!} TV Tables got a sports ~themed facelift. I wanted to take a break from the flowers for a minute and decided to go with the four major sports (in this area of Northwestern PA) to give these tables new life!

The table tops were sanded down to get the old finish off - I didn't want to strip it down because I didn't want to change the base. These tables were nearly brand new, so I didn't need to do any changes to the base and stand.

I got out my go-to stain: MinWax Wood Finish in Ebony and my assortment of brushes and got to work!

First up to bat was .... of course, Baseball

Now that the majority of the design is done, there is a lot more work to be done. This is when I get to go back in and do all of the real detailing with the stain.

Up next: Football

This one took the longest amount of time.

This football had me nervous... those strings were sooo much more difficult than I had imagined.


{Sorry, got carried away while I was doing this one and forgot to take pics}

I was saving my favorite for last, but I was having a block coming up with a design I liked. I really wanted an old tattered hoop with a ball, but when I started to lay it out on the table, I didn't think it would be cohesive with the other 3. So, I went with the NCAA ball {consulted with my bball playin son whether it should be NCAA or NBA... NCAA won out!}

I wanted to you to be able to see a better picture of the true color of these tables, so I took them outside.

Each of the tables got about 11 coats of Varathane. I have to give them at least 8 coats before I start the wet-sanding process in between the last 3 layers.

Total time spent on the set was approx 2 weeks.

I'm so pleased with the final results! I hope you enjoy them as much as I!

Next project is probably going to be back to flowers ... I've made a design for a coffee table using Calla Lilies. I think it's time to get started on that one!

Please visit my newly refreshed website to see many more deisgns using this technique.



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