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X ray images and stain.....

Hello all! I decided to share a new type of "painting" I've been doing. Quite some time back, I started using stain to do my shading on my art pieces. Prior to that I was using this hard, gel-like stuff that was very hard to control. Once I started with the stain, I loved working with it. So then I decided to try using the stain as "paint" with my art. This was one of the first pieces I tried it with..

I really enjoyed working with the stain and I started using it on many of my other projects.

I have some art work I had bought 10 or 15 years ago of x ray floral photography. I figured I would try my hand at it and once I got started I was hooked. It's a little time consuming but enjoyable for me.

Here are some pieces I have done.

I find these pictures intriguing and beautiful. I hope you enjoyed your visit! Stay tuned for even more of these because now, I'm addicted!! lol If there is anything you think you might like, send me an email and I wll see what I can come up with! :)


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