Vintage Mirror reinvented into Chandelier Art

I acquired an old mirror that was originally for a dresser. I really just wanted the harp arms, but because the mirror was broken, the guy threw that in for free! Incase some of you may not know what a harp mirror is, here is a picture of one..

The is NOT the one I found, but now you know what I mean. They were originally on old wash stands or dry sinks.

At any rate, I had been wanting to do a staining art project, so I thought this would be a perfect opportunity.

So I got to work on cutting out the plywood insert with my jigsaw. I used a gray background on the plywood and made sure that it fit properly. I had to do some work on the back of the frame first, but nothing major. Just some hardware, nails, and a few other things that needed removed.

This was the beginning of the art work

I used black stain for this part of the artwork. It looks like it's missing something, right?

I added the white using a new type of stain (to me). It's called Unicorn Spit, and they make stain in vibrant colors. Since this was my first time using it, it took a bit to get acquainted with the feel of it. It doesn't react the same as my trusted Minwax. But it worked out, just took more time.

Now for the frame, I painted it with a coat of chalk paint, then added a coat of the Unicorn Spit white stain. I ended up finishing it off with another coat of the chalk paint because I wasn't sure how the white stain would react when I started my distressing.

I added some distressing to the art and to the frame with stain. I also did a small amount of sanding to the frame.

And finally, I placed her inside ( where the lighting is horrible!).

In this picture, you can see another harp I used. I added a small shelf to it, but haven't displayed anything there yet. It was already distressed so I just had to add that same hue and distressing to the new shelf.

Hope you enjoyed!

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