My sister found this library table for me and knew I could do something special to it to make it pretty. She didn't know what, but grabbed it up before it was too late. I was pretty pleased when I saw it, but I just couldn't figure out what I wanted to do with it. I kn...

Last week, I had finished my "telephone desk", which I had turned into an Equestrian  bedside table, and I was ready to take on a chest of drawers to match.  And here they are! (and my "show dog" Kendal)

 Again, I used my now-favorite paint, Velvet Finishes!

 I star...



My step-daughter has a love of all things equestrian.  She also needed a new dresser.  Those two facts brought on these unique furniture pieces.




Again, I wanted to use my staining technique. But, I also wanted to use my new favorite paints, Velvet Finishes.

I h...

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